Saturday, November 3, 2007

Water bodies polluted by Sponge Iron Plants




Most of the rivers and ponds and other water bodies of the Jharkhand state are getting polluted by different toxic elements. Culprits are coals, iron, sponge iron plants, uranium mining, thermal power plants etc. Jharkhand is the treasure trove of all the minerals. It has lots of benefit but also has lots of adverse effects if not managed properly. Jharkhand at present is facing such types of effect. Mining and industries are destroying ecology of Jharkhand. Rivers like Damodar, Swarnerekha are completely polluted.

Gross violation of pollution norms by the different industries and mines has turned the affected region dangerous for human habitat.

Recently a news published in local English newspaper says that a major pond between Adityapur and Chandil in Singhbhum district is badly contaminated by the sponge iron plants. Even the ecology of the place has been affected by the emission of noxious gases from several sponge iron plants, says the news paper.

According to the report the water bodies near the sponge iron plants have turned red. Even the leaves of the trees have turned black.I have seen the same case near Ramgarh town where also the sponge iron plants are polluting the surroundings and affecting the floras and faunas. Local habitants are suffering from different diseases related to dust inhalation and water contamination.

In Singhbhum all the water bodies between Chandil Industries Ltd. And Shiv Rama Sponge Iron Private Ltd.- a stretch of 5 Km- have turned red. Residents ofnear by villages said the water in these ponds were used for drinking. But the villagers have now stopped using these water bodies.

According to the report and different sources there are about 14 sponge iron plants, 3 thermal power stations, more than 100 coal mines in the state. Most of them have been flouting pollution control norms. This leads to immense air and water pollution, as the preventive steps are not taken.

Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi


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