Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Evidence of abandoned mines on Mars Planet.

Evidence of abandoned mines on Mars Planet
Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi

Nasa’s spirit is seen exploring bright, loose material on the Mars. According to NASA it is a most colorful deposits. It has a powdery and cloddy texture and exhibits a high abundance of salt. Spirit analyzed the bright, yellowish exposures. Scientists hypothesized and then confirmed that these materials have a salty chemistry dominated by iron-bearing sulfates. These salts may record the past presence of water, as they are mostly easily mobilized and concentrated in liquid solution.
But if you see the other side of this concept. This deposit or structure very much resembles abandoned open mines similar to coal mines or Bauxite mines or Iron ore mines on our Earth. The white deposit very much resembles to the clay deposits in coal mines area. Clays are generally treated as mine wastes. But due to lack of evidence of vegetation both at present and past on Mars, formation of coal deposit can be questioned. If it is lost Bauxite mines the white deposits may be clay mineral Kaolinite. The photographs clearly indicate that this is one of the abandoned mines after the exploitation of the minerals. White matter also resembles with Borax. Borax occurs in the waters of saline lakes and in salt pans in desert regions. In both cases derived from solar evaporation of saline waters.
If you see the outer boundary or curve in the photograph it is very similar to open mines here on the Earth. In other words it is more man made than natural.
Mining may have been done either by the lost civilization of Mars or by the other civilization of other planets and left it with this structure after exploiting the minerals.

Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi
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