Monday, October 27, 2008

Ranchi getting ready for Diwali.

Ranchi the capital city of Jharkhand State of India is preparing for Diwali festival which going to be celebrated on 28th of October. People are purchasing sweets, crackers, toys made of soils painted with different colours etc. In the picture below a women is found selling oil made by the extracts of plants. This oil will be used to burn lights with the help of earthy pots (diya). Such oils (Karanj oil) are the best examples of bio-fuel used in the State of Jharkhand from the ancient days. Buildings are also being decorated with lights instead of traditional methods of burning lights in the pots made of soils.

My son preparing to burn crackers in the night today on the eve of Diwali Festival

Buildings are getting decorated for Diwali
The colourful sweets being sold in the local market. These sweets are found only in Diwali

All photographs by Nitish Priyadarshi

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