Sunday, November 15, 2009

An unidentified shadow showed the presence in my house?

You may call it shadow, spirit, or Ghost or even some other unidentified object.
Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi
Sketch of the unknown shadow drawn by my daughter.

Dear friends I am sure this information may surprise you as this blog is not the write place for discussion on the topic like this which is not related to environment and geology. Though it is not related to the environment directly but it may be related to the environment of the unknown world. This happened last night in my residence. After finishing the dinner I went upstairs to watch the TV. My daughter who is 14 years old was studying on dining table and my son went to sleep. My wife was napping on the sofa in the drawing room. It was 11:30 in the night when suddenly two cats entered in the dining room from my backyard. To kick them out from the house my daughter ran behind them. After coming outside the house she tried to locate the cats. As it was complete dark outside she switched on the light and suddenly she was shocked as she saw someone standing in front of her wearing black gown. At first instance she thought that it may be thief. But the way the shadow was standing she felt something fishy. Only protection was the iron grill which was locked after the servants went to their rooms after finishing the work. She was not able to see the head of the shadow as part of it was behind small tree of red rose. She tried to shout but she was not able to. Suddenly the shadow vanished and my daughter with whispering sound (as she was not able to shout due to fear) called my wife. She saw only the black gown and the hands.

My wife called me down and told the story. I saw the face of my daughter it was pale yellow due to fear and she was trembling. I first tried to console him by saying that it may be her imagination. For her satisfaction and to make her normal I went out in backyard and stayed there for half hour but there was no sign of any unusual happening. I thought she may have suffered from hallucination.

We went to sleep. But this event didn’t ended. At one o’clock in the night my servants who did not know what happened with my daughter earlier, complained the same thing. Only difference was that my daughter saw the shadow standing and according to servants the shadow was moving in the field from one corner to other.

Today morning I asked my daughter to draw the image of the shadow on paper to see how it looked like. Drawing is posted above.

As it was the first incidence in my house so I am confused what to say or to believe. I have always heard from other people or read about such stories in books. Being a student of science my first instinct says that I should not believe on such stories. But what happened with my daughter and afterwards with my servants it forces me to believe the presence of such things of other world which are not known to us. You may call it soul or spirit or Ghost or some other form of energy.


yogesh said...

sir jee aise kai bhoot hain jo din ke ujale me bhi dikhte hain mai chahunga ki unke live photo bhi aap apne blog me dale . misaal ke taur par madhu koda vonod sinha sanjay chaudhary etc
waise apke analysis ke liye thanx
yogesh kislay

Heidi said...

This is the second post I have read today about ghosts or spirits.
The other was at my friends blog
Very eerie.

Carolina Haus said...

que miedo!! jajaja! :)

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

I have seen ghosts many times before. Usually they are not there to harm you. Let us know if you see him again. How long have you lived in that house? WHo lived there before you? Time to do some research?

Anonymous said...

Bhut hote hain. Pata Hai. Clalo tale it easy/ Let us play bhut bhut.

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