Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crows and Eagles were found dead near Ranchi city of India.

They were found dead today in outskirts of Ranchi city.
Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi

These are the pictures of the dead birds mostly crows and eagles. They were found dead today in outskirts of Ranchi city in Jharkhand State of India.Villagers saw them in the morning. Their sudden deaths are shrouded in mystery as birds seldom die suddenly. I am sure they must have eaten some poisonous foods or may have been infected by some deadly virus. Some of the dead bodies were also found hanging on the trees. Area where their bodies were found is devoid of thick vegetation and civilization. It is barren land. Now a day very less crows are seen in and around Ranchi city. Most of the birds like sparrows are now gradually vanishing from the city.

According to recent report, The American crow is very susceptible to the West Nile virus, a disease just recently introduced in North America. American crows usually die within one week of acquiring the disease with only very few surviving exposure. Crows are so affected by the disease that their deaths are now serving as an indicator of the West Nile Virus’ activity in an area.
Crows know how to be their own doctors, it seems. Ants have acids and fluids that help rid crows of parasites. Crows have been observed stretching out on anthills and allowing ants to cover them, and sometimes they crush the ants into their feathers. Evidence indicates that this behaviour is learned and passed down to other generation within crow family groups.

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