Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Impact of Phailin cyclone in Ranchi city of India.

Rivers were overflowing and trees were uprooted.


Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi.

Heavy rains on Sunday (13th Otober) lashed Jharkhand following the "peripheral effect" of cyclone Phailin. The peripheral effect following Phailin that lay centred in Odisha began in Jharkhand since early morning with heavy rains lashing several districts of the state.74.6 mm rain was recorded in Ranchi till 8.30 am. Phailin entered Jharkhand on Sunday around 4am causing heavy rainfall and recorded wind speed of up to 40kmph. Ranchi recorded 117mm rainfall from Sunday 4am till Tuesday morning. Most of the small rivers of Ranchi like Harmu River, Jumar River, Potpoto River, River flowing under the Over bridge etc. were overflowing due to heavy rain in the city. Even many of the local ponds were overflowing. Trees were uprooted and low land area faced water logging.  

Pictures below show the some of the impact of Phailin in Ranchi city. 

                  Clouds gathering on evening of 12th October.

                Trees uprooted due to storm and heavy rain.

                                 Trees uprooted in busiest road of Ranchi city.

                                          Empty road.

                                                       Overflowing pond.

                                            Overflowing river.

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